12. Integrations

Mailchimp Integration

Email is likely to play a central role in your charity’s fundraising, marketing and supporter journeys. You might send an email to everyone about a new appeal or campaign, or send out different emails to different people based on their interests. Mailchimp - an email marketing platform, helps you do this.

Mailchimp enables you to place all of your supporters in an Audience, and then segment them by applying Tags and Groups. In Mailchimp you design and send emails. You can also schedule them to be sent in the future, or create a series of emails that can be sent out automatically, based on a particular action.

In Donorfy you add and organise constituents - who you want to send emails to - and you store email subscribers in Mailchimp. The Donorfy Mailchimp integration adds simplicity to this. In this course learn how to set up the integration, synchronise data and connect campaigns.

Type: Videos Duration: 30 minutes

  • Introduction: What does the integration do?
  • Setup: Connecting Donorfy & Mailchimp
  • Setup: Mapping Tags, Groups and Purposes
  • Setup: Mailchimp Webhooks
  • Sync: Sending from Donorfy to Mailchimp
  • Sending Campaigns
  • Course Summary
  • Course Certification
  • Further Reading
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